Thank You for your comments & donations !

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, and generous donations ! You are the reason we keep on keepin’ on….. -The Dream Team

12 thoughts on “Thank You for your comments & donations !

  1. A few years ago, I was boating around Desolation Sound and came across your amazing station, but was sad that I could not find any information about it online at the time. Last week a conversation at the marina reminded me of the great music I heard so I looked again and was excited to see you are now online!

    Great mix of music, great hosts and great vibes. Keep up the stellar work and thanks for providing a wonderful local BC window into the greater world of music!

    Best wishes to you all

  2. listening from germany, perfect timing to hear the grateful dead hours in the evening of sunday (9 hours ahead)
    sending you love and appreciation

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