Artist and Song information now visible on the site.

You can now see the Artist and Song information on both the website and on your media player. If you are not seeing it please refresh the page. It should appear just below the player on the homepage…. Enjoy !

2 thoughts on “Artist and Song information now visible on the site.

  1. Buenas noches mi amigos !!!
    Just want to give a shout out to you guys from Ecuador
    Just bbq some tasty food while jamming out to the great mix of music I always know is on the menu when I tune in…..which is very often!!
    I usually am hanging on Quadra at home in my shop listening to ya, but currently I’m “stuck” in Ecuador for a bit longer …
    Keep the good vibes coming 🤙
    Thanks for being awesome !!
    I’ve taken you to Nicaragua too 😉
    ✌️ 🎶

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